A Bunch of Things from Madrid Solo!

Oh man I’ve been bad about blogging! Time doesn’t just flee, it runs screaming from me. So here they are a whole bunch of new things and where you can find them!
Let’s start with the exclusive items located at the Tolerance is the Only Way event where both 100% of the proceeds of Ascent and Scepter go to the cause!


For the ladies it’s Ascent


For the guys Scepter of Tolerance


Next up is the Black Only Event and you can find two new items there. One for the girls and one for the guys!





Now let’s move on to the Limited Bazaar at Euphoria where you can find the exclusive item called You Haunt Me!



Lastly, I’ve got a new scary mask for you at the main store called Silence!



Also a new one for the guys called Sabotage.

Phew! That was alot! I hope you like them!


Love with all my heart!