New Releases At Madrid Solo!

Yeah I’ve been bad about blogging the new releases. I’m thinking it was the accumulation of all the holiday meals for the last two months that have made me lazy. Yep, I’m going with that. 😉 But now it’s the new year and I need to get off my lazy behind and blog the new items at the store!

Let’s start with the two releases I created in the Cleopatra line, simply called Cleo 1 and Cleo2.  Both designs come with eyeliner, shadow design including eyebrow design. Cleo 2 has a lip color as well and for Cleo 1 I tossed in a bonus lip design.

Madrid Solo- Cleo 1


Madrid Solo- Cleo 2

At the Gypset market and only at the Gypset market I’ve released a cool new glittery eyeshadow/eyeliner design called All that Glitters in gold and silver and it’s only 99L. Better hurry though that Gypset is almost over and then it’s gone.

Madrid Solo- Gypset- All That Glitters


Next up I was contacted by the mega talented emanuelle Courtois to create a makeup for a film she’s creating. She asked for a design that would give the impression someones been beat to hell. Sooo I did that and after about 5 versions we hit on the one she liked. I’ve included in the pack all 5 versions and its lovingly called Bloody Pulp Fiction.

Madrid Solo- Bloody Pulp Fiction

Now at the stores I’ve also released my very first design that includes hand drawn eyebrows. This one is a homage to the not so late, but oh so great Edgar Winter called I ❤ Edgar. It’s got the eye makeup design, eyeliner, eyebrows, blush and lips.

Madrid Solo- I <3 Edgar

Next up is a fatpack of a design called Insanity Plea. It’s got 7 matching eye and lip combinations and the 8th color can be found as the January group gift.

Madrid Solo- Insanity Plea

Only available at the new OTFC is my latest creation with hand drawn eyebrows called Late Night Blonde. It’s got the eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrows, blush and lips and it’s only 150L!

Madrid Solo- Late Night Blonde

Lastly the January group gifts are up at the store, one for the guys and one for the girls!

Madrid Solo- Jan Group Gift Male- Lonesome

Madrid Solo- Jan Group Gift Female- Insanity Plea Orange