New! At Madrid Solo!!

Well I had such a week last week!  First my computer crapped out on me, my tablet went south and that’s just the beginning! I won’t bore you with the details but I’m back now and all is working properly!

Sooo I have some new and exclusive releases to show you!

First up it’s all about the bride at the Wedding Expo! Here’s a limo to the sim where I’ve got a slew of new wedding designs and theres plenty of other designers there as well.  The Wedding Expo runs from May 11th-26th so get your exclusive designs now!

These new wedding designs are available right now only at the Wedding Expo!

Madrid Solo- The Vow

Madrid Solo- Soft Spoken

Madrid Solo- Magnolia Morning- Blog

Madrid Solo- Day Lily

Madrid Solo- Easter Island- Blog


Next up is the 99L special at the Gypset Market called Fetish Fever. Get it now while it’s only 99L! 🙂


Madrid Solo- Fetish Fever