New and Exclusive items from Madrid Solo!

My good friend Dahriel asked if I would put some items up for sale at his place PosESioN so I did. But I also thought it might be cool to do an exclusive… Continue reading

New! At Madrid Solo!

Oh I’ve been bad about posting new items to the blog! Sorry! So here are a few I’ve recently put out! Enjoy! Love, Madrid First up is a gorgeous 8 pack of… Continue reading

New! At Madrid Solo August 11th

For the men! I’ve got a new release for you guys called Instinct! I hope you like it! Love with all my ♥♥♥, Madrid

New! At Madrid Solo August 9th!

Busy, busy this week! I’ve got three new releases for the ladies! First up is a stunning combination avant garde/formal design with lips and eyes, modeled by the lovely Falbala Fairey called… Continue reading

NEW! At Madrid Solo August 2nd!

You are Legendary! So today I’m releasing a 12 pack design kit for the ladies called Legend! 11 Legendary color combinations and 1 grayscale you can tint to whatever legendary color you want!… Continue reading

NEW! At Madrid Solo

Another full face design for the ladies this week! Rock the runway or the club it fits wherever you want to wear it! It’s Sunset Blvd! Glittery eyeshadow, luscious eyeliner, shimmering blush and… Continue reading

Yes it’s NEW! At Madrid Solo

Today we’re bringing you something so cool and colorful, sexy and runway ready! It’s Blue Velvet and it’s for the girls! It’s a full face design, with eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and lips! All… Continue reading

NEW! At Madrid Solo!

Today I’m releasing two new designs, one for the girls and one for the guys of course! First up is Shimmer, a lovely glimmering eyeshadow, eyeliner and glittery blush and for the guys… Continue reading

SPECIAL! 99L Full Face Design Gardenia 24 hours ONLY!

Gardenia – Released June 26th 7am slt For the next 24 hours ONLY I’ve got a special release of my latest design available only at my Eden Sim location for only 99L!! Beautiful… Continue reading

NEW! @ Madrid Solo

This week I’m bringing you something glittery and fun a new full face design called Decadent! The glittery eyeshadow is complimented by the lovely shy blush and shimmering frosted lip color. I’m also… Continue reading