NEW! At Madrid Solo! Happy Fathers Day!

Today is Fathers Day and I’m releasing my latest design for the guys! It’s called Paisley Dreamed and it comes in black and white or color version.  I hope you guys like it!… Continue reading

NEW! At Madrid Solo Rio and Olinda!

The two latest designs in the carnival line have been released today! Come by the store to get your copy today! As always the eyes and lips are on separate layers and on… Continue reading

NEW! At Madrid Solo it’s Mardi Gras!

Today I’ve released the first in my line of carnival makeup called Mardi Gras! I’m also posting a preview of the next design called Rio!  Come by the store and get Mardi Gras… Continue reading

NEWS! at Madrid Solo!

Today I’m releasing two more new designs created just for dark skin! First up we have Sovereign, a light, lovely ethereal design that includes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eye art and lip design!And remember always… Continue reading

NEW! At Madrid Solo June 1st!

Wow! It’s a big release day today! 5 New Designs and NEW Group gifts!! First let’s get ready for some super new eyeliner/eyeshadow/lashes combinations! In all your favorite colors or simply wear… Continue reading

NEW! At Madrid Solo!

♥♥♥ M A D R I D  S O L O -N E W  R E L E A S E S ♥♥♥ Wild Lip Overlays! What do you get when you cross… Continue reading

NEW! At Madrid Solo!

We’ve got some awesome new designs out for both the girls and the guys! Check it out !

Ensemble NEW at Madrid Solo!

I’ve got something really special for you all of you busy, busy models! I’ve put together 6 sets of Eye Shadow, Eyeliner and Eyelashes in all the popular colors and one separate layer… Continue reading

NEW! Limited Edition Barnabas at Madrid Solo!

Guys I have not forgotten you! I recently saw the movie Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp and I couldn’t resist making you something special! So today I’m releasing a special limited edition Barnabas… Continue reading

Honey West at Madrid Solo!

Ok everyone, knowing who Honey West is  will either date you or test your knowledge of 60’s trivial pursuit! Today I’m releasing the Honey West Eyeliner line. First out is this fantastic 60’s… Continue reading